Farmer Unions Demand Income Guarantee and Ecological Sustainability in Farming


“Alienation of Land, Seed, Water and Forests be stopped immediately”

Warn Parties that Voting Will Be Based on Vision Stated for Farming

New Delhi, March 6th 2014: More than 100 farmer organizations of the country representing lakhs of farmers, including some of the larger and more prominent unions have come together to put forward their Charter of Demands on the eve of elections to all political parties. They censured all parties for the neglect that farm livelihoods have been subjected to, and the industry-friendly anti-farmer policies being pursued resulting in massive displacement of farmers in the country. Pointing the obvious that most voting is from rural India, they warned Parties that they will analyse poll promises of parties for their vision related to farming and farm livelihoods and advise their members to vote accordingly. These farmer unions demanded that there should be a minimum living income guaranteed to all farm households. Key demands also include that land, forests and seed remain in the control of rural communities and not be allowed to be grabbed and monopolized by corporations for their profiteering, and that ecological sustainability in farming should be a top priority. Farm unions and civil society groups are also demanding that open-air releases of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the garb of field trials be stopped.


“It is a shame for the entire nation that on an average, one anna daata in this country is committing suicide every half an hour; every day, around 2300 farmers are quitting agriculture. Despite so many years of so-called agricultural development and Green Revolution, the average monthly income of an overwhelming majority of Indian farmers is far less than what their average monthly expenditure is, making it difficult for most farm households to make their ends meet. The largest displacement in human history is happening from Indian agriculture and all of this is out of distress conditions created by adverse public policies that are pitted against farmers’ interests. It is high time that we stopped measuring agricultural development only in the form of production and productivity; it is time that we focused on farmers’ well-being and the net returns or income accruing to them. It is in this context, that we demand that a minimum living income be guaranteed to all farm households of this country. To address this, Farm Income Commissions have to be set up at the national and state level straightaway, tasked with assessment of incomes and focused recommendations to ensure that such incomes are realized”, said Yudhvir Singh of Bhartiya Kisan Union, and Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Unions (ICCFM).


Kavitha Kuruganti of Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) said, “it is an utter lack of wisdom and sense that drives policy makers to adopt and push for agricultural technologies that erode the very productive resources that will make agriculture survive – land, seed, water, forests etc. If we degrade or deplete our productive base, how can agriculture continue? Official data is showing that around 25% of our land is degraded thanks to the chemical and water intensive technologies that we have adopted; it is being predicted that in another 20 years, 60% of our groundwater resources will reach a critical state. In places like Punjab, most of the area is already under Dark and Grey zones. Our seed diversity has been badly eroded. Toxic technologies like pesticides are contaminating everything including our food. It is obvious that our food and farming systems cannot be sustained in this intensive agriculture approach. It is in this context that we demand that agriculture be shifted towards ecological farming on a massive scale, in a timebound manner. A variety of measures have to be adopted to take this up, and we want political parties to promise that ecological farming will get a huge thrust”.


Talking about the need for ensuring that resources like land and seed are not grabbed and alienated from farmers, Saroj Mohanty of Paschim Odisha Krushak Sanghatan Samanvay Samithi explained that without control over such resources in the hands of farmers, livelihood and food security cannot be ensured. “Today, various natural resources like land, forests and seed, which are prerequisites for food and livelihood security are being viewed as business commodities, on which corporations can make huge profits. Various governments are actually abetting grabbing of resources away from agriculture through policy and regulatory frameworks that are anti-farmer. Large tracts of land are being acquired in the name of ‘development’ which has nothing in it for the local communities. We demand that this be stopped – there should be no forcible acquisition, and no acquisition of agricultural land for non-agricultural purpose. We also demand that forest management approaches have biodiversity and livelihood security as prime objectives and that ownership should rest with local communities”.


Stressing the importance of seed, Pankaj Bhushan of Coalition for a GM-Free India cautioned against exclusive monopolies already building up in various crops. This is getting accentuated with GM seeds everywhere in the world. For instance, within all the GM crop land around the world, 95% of the seed comes from just one organization – Monsanto. He pointed out that when even industry-sponsored reports are pointing to more countries opting out of GM crop cultivation, it is utterly shocking that our Environment Minister gave a go-ahead to field trials of hundreds of GM crop field trials. “The Minister is unable to give any rational and scientific reason as to why he overturned his predecessor’s decision and what new basis does he have, that she did not, for allowing these trials that too on the eve of the elections, and before a crucial Supreme Court hearing?”. Pankaj Bhushan demanded that the approvals be withdrawn immediately by the government; he also urged state governments to be alert, heed to scientific and democratic voices and deny permission for trials in their states.


For more information, contact:


  1. Kavitha Kuruganti, ASHA: 09393001550
  2. Yudhvir Singh, ICCFM/BKU: 09868146405
  3. Pankaj Bhushan, Coalition for a GM-Free India: 09472999999




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